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im new

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yes! I love the flowers
please do not comment until you are accepted. your vote does not count.
My pictures were already accepted and posted, it sent me an e-mail saying that it was, but I deleted the entry because the LJ cut wasnt working right...I submitted another one that has not been posted yet. Im sorry I thought that meant that I could comment I'll try posting again thank you for letting me know.
okay. post and ill aprove it to be in the community. then we will let you know if you are accepted by commenting you. if you get enough yes votes and get a comment saying youre accepted then you can vote on the rest. ps- i saw the entry before you deleted it, make sure you have 3 pictures this time and type the phrase that it says to type in the rules in the userinfo so we can vote on you. sorry for the confusion. <3
ooooh yes! are you hawaiian? luv the flowers =)
The whole flower thing is a little bit too cliche and scene but it looks good on you so yes.
Arent you the girl that stole a flower from wet seal so she could look scene? Yeah, thats what i thought.
Its on my purse-not in my hair.
you're looking down in all but the last.. im going to give you a yes tho. which means that you are accepted and ill let chelsea give you the banner to post in your userinfo to help us advertise. you may start voting on other people now. <3

PS - YES YOU'RE SOOOO PRETTY <3 (Yay for American Eagle)
Haha I was thinking the same thing
thank u *blushes*