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hawter_than_hot's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
1. you must post a minimum of three clear pictures for us to vote on you with and put them behind an lj-cut link.
2. do NOT comment on any entries but your own until you are accepted. if you do, you're banned. Once accepted, you may vote.
3. we are honest here. Please dont post pictures unless you would like our opinions and can handle a NO from us if you get one.
4. there is 48 hours time limit until you get notified if you're accepted.
5. put your name, age, and location and "sexalicious" so we know you read the rules

Once You're a Member
1. If when you're voting for new members your answer is a no, please dont be rude. There is no need for comments like "Wow you're ugly." If you post something like that you're a conceeded fuck and im going to yell at you. There are other communities for that.
2. If you're posting an entry after being accepted, make the title "Stamped" so we already know you've been stamped a member and dont try to vote on you again.
3. You may post other communities once you're a member.


Accepted Members
angelfaery637, ronniesprincess, emogirlonrage, _imnotyourstar, blistex_this, blowherakiss, gigithepoppet, heartslastbeat, oh_sandababy, starryhazard, strandedxdream, theplainjanespy, xogoodnevil